Collection 2000: Brilliant Shimmer wand

On a recent visit to All Well An Good I discovered one of Collection 2000’s new editions – the brilliant shimmer wand. Designed as an eyeshadow it is a double ended wand with two different colours on either side. I picked up the shimmery pink/purple eyeshadow as i’ve tried the pot versions and thought they were pretty good.

To apply you need to take the lid off each end and then dip it into the powder thats in the coloured end compartments. I can’t say I got a huge amount of product each time I dipped the pen in but there was sufficient colour to spread over my eyelids. I swept the pink colour over first to give a nice base and then applied the purple colour up by the brow bone.

I’m not really sure of the blendability of the purple shadow as it just seemed to make a dirty mark when I tried to mix it in but with a brush this can probably be sorted out.

The overall look is a pretty two toned one that can be switched around to create different looks depending on what you’ve got in mind for your day/evening. Another idea would be to perhaps use the pen to go underneath your eye as its perfect for that kind of thin application. The product retails at about £3-4 normally and is available in  all Superdrug stores and selected beauty/drug stores. I’d give it a rating of 3/5.


  • Double the product for your money
  • Easy to use
  • So versatile that you can use it for your eyelids/brow bones or just underneath the eye
  • Cheap range of makeup
  • Glitzy party look achievable


  • May seem slightly hard to get product out of the wand because of its design
  • Blending ability wasn’t great