Playboy Stiletto Hot Red Lipstick

When you’re out on the town you want your lipstick to stay on and not end up all around your face. I’m just the same and love a hot red lippy to accentuate my lips as my mouths quite small and make it the main feature. A while ago I bought Playboy Stiletto lipstick from TJ Hughes that looked like it would give me a really glamorous effect.
The lipstick glided on easily and had a really bright lip stain in a raspberry shade that immediatly made my lips stand out. I’m quite fair skinned but I don’t feel the lipstick washes me out I think it simply just creates a real look at me factor. My lips felt really smooth and moisturised unlike the chapped dry feeling you get with some poorly constructed lipsticks. The product unfortunately doesn’t last that long and does start to come off after about a hour or so. Even after the product comes off you’re left with much brighter lips then you had at the start.

Overall a good product that is well worth buying if you want a lipstick that can really make your mouth stand out. I’d give this product 4/5.

See for yourself

Before                                  After