Maybelline Liner Express in black

Some people find applying liquid eyeliner very difficult but it is in fact very simple to do. The trick is to keep a steady hand, perhaps rest your arm on a flat surface whilst applying the product. Maybelline liner express in black offers you the chance to add real versatility to your eyes – to make them really stand out.

The liner comes in two shades black and brown and applies smoothly with enough product on the nib to give you a really nice black line. I’ve had this product for quite a while now and for the most part its still going strong so it really does last quite a while.

It goes on really smoothly and you can use it for both top and bottom lash lines however you must be aware that the product tends to smudge when wet. Looking like your five year old sister applied your makeup is never a good look.

 With the liner you can create a general day look or for the evening go for something really dramatic like sweeping lines at the side of your eye. Below are a few examples of day time and evening looks.

                                                      General daytime


                                                  Little more extragavant daytime look

                                                   Push the boat out for a night out look

I’ve always loved eyeliner as its great for making my eyes stand out and this product is really good value for money. It costs around £6 for the product but you get a professional look that people will be more then impressed with. The only real disadvantage with this product is the fact that product builds up inside the tube and it can get very hard to put the wand back in properly. In other words you find it harder and harder to get black onto the wand and this may lessen its lifetime.

I’d give it a 4/5.


  • Applies smoothly and evenly
  • You get a lot of life out of the Maybelline liner express
  • Professional result
  • So versatile that you can create so many looks with it


  • Product builds up inside the liner making it hard to shut and this may result in it drying up before it should
  • If you apply on your bottom lashes it may smudge from the wetness of your eyes