Its time to put a niche to Kathcakeblogging!

It’s about time I had some sort of niche for my little blog and after some inspiration from a friend of mine i’ve decided to give reviewing make up a go. I do use it every day and find it the perfect solution for inspiring me to feel good about myself so why not!

My first review will be on Benefit’s Stay Don’t Stray solution.

The product priced at around £19.50 isn’t cheap but depending on what you’re looking for it maybe the perfect solution. I was finding that by the end of the day my make up would simply have diseppeared and for a girl it’s quite annoying to have to keep reapplying your makeup.

When I initially bought this product I was pretty impressed at how my make up did seem to stay on a lot longer, and I didn’t seem to look as plain jane as usual. I normally applied a few spots on my skin before putting my foundation on and rubbing that in.

The product is mainly for eyes as well to be used a eye primer so you can keep your eyeshadow on for longer but after using this with cream eye shadow I can’t say I had much success, as the shadow still creased!

After a while of using this product I do find that by the end of the day my makeup still isn’t perfect but it probably stays fresh for maybe half a day longer then it would without the use of this. Perhaps doesn’t help that I constantly touch my face all the time!

At the price of almost £20 it’s quite a investment buy and you only get a small tube so think carefully whether you want to risk it all on this product or perhaps look for a cheaper alternative. I would rate this product 2.5/5

Your best price is Asos at £19.50