X Factor Auto Tune Scandal

A scandal rocked the entertainment world as it was revealed that the X Factor used Auto Tune software.
The expensive editing software was used during the qualifying stages to make contestants sound better. It gives the idea however that if such software is being used then effectively the audience is not seeing a real performance.
ITV who dubbed the act as simply applying post performance effects have asked does it really matter that they were used on the contestants.
However in a contest where entrants are judged on how well they can sing it is clear that it matters a lot.
The editing came to light after the series first show on Saturday when one of the dubbed favourites Gamu Nhengu performance had a large number of digital pitch effects that made her song Walking on Sunshine come out in spooky, computer like precision.
Whilst the use of effects on famous guests on the show such as Britney Spears and even Cheryl Cole herself are not anything new it is the fact that these are contestant who effectively we as a audience will have to judge.
So why should we care if its something thats all over the face of British pop? The fact is X Factor is a designed as a talent show that gives those people who never had the opportunity – the single mum, or the dustbin man who’s doing it for his kids to get their chance at being on stage.
If we lose our faith in those human triumph against the odd moments there will really be no need for us to watch it anymore as effectively everything that we see could be fake.
So despite ITV bosses saying the editing was done purely for entertainment factors it’s clear it has in fact turned completely against them. After all the audience are the judges too