busy little bee

The last few days have been pretty busy for me with several trips up to London. Firstly for a interview for this feature on the new Paul O Grady show, not to work there but to feature obviously lol. Only lasted about 15 mins though so bit dubious whether that was another waste of time!

Sunday I was a hair model for a brand new show that will be airing on E4 in March. It involved a lot of waiting around for hours but around half hour after the audition was supposed to wrap we went in to have our hair cut. After warnings that the hairdressers might do something crazy and you have the chance to opt out now we went in, and luckily it wasn’t too bad. I kept my length, just had the ends chopped off and a interesting full fringe put in. It involved a lot of retakes due to car alarms, ambulances etc and had the hairdressers completing a 40 minute challenge to create a hair cut that represented them.

James Brown judged and Abbey Clancy presented but I didn’t get autographs off either! lol. Check out the final result below. My hairdresser got through to the next round of judging so it must have been an award winning cut! lol.

As a sidenote have definitely (i think) been accepted as a extra on a major blockbuster. Should be fun if I get it!