Wednesday, 14 July 2010

My name in lights

So after a lot of effort (consistent submissals) I may have finally got a story in a magazine. I can't quite remember what magazine as I submitted the idea to every one going but one phoned me up and asked me to tell them a bit more about it. They said they'd come back to me when they've written the story and see what I think of it. Expect to see my name in lights soon! lol!

If you wish to do the same and get your story into print you must first think of something that would shock/humour/anger readers. This could include:

  • My hubby slept with my sister/daughter/best friend etc
  • I've had twenty babies by twenty different fathers
  • My lifesaving story
  • I was abducted by aliens
Now those ideas are pretty extreme, and generally it is just something that readers would want to read about. Something that may inspire them to do similar or revolt them by the extents of human nature. You could try submitting your story to Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Company, That's Life, Real People, Chat, Take A Break, Love It, Best, Bella or Pick Me Up and see what happens. To find them online just search on Google for the website and follow the links on there.

Good luck!

p.s I was also shortlisted for a poetry competition. The man organising the competition rung me especially and said he enjoyed my poem 'Paradise'. Pretty unexpected but nice to know :)


shaun said...

congratulations for getting in print. Are you getting any luck on I've seen that you've bid on a few jobs there.

Try for better paid it work but it's hard to get started there.

Good Luck.

kathcake said...

hi shaun
thanks for your comment. I did look on there ages ago but I always lost out so i couldn't be bothered anymore! lol!

I seem to have won quite a few bids on freelancer. How did u no i was on there anyways?


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