Saturday, 26 June 2010

Oxis International - target ageing from the inside

Everyone tries their best to hide the signs of ageing - be it by religiously applying anti ageing creams from the first signs of a wrinkle to slapping on factor 60 to combat sun damage. But what if the signs of ageing went deeper then that ? When you start ageing from the inside there is very little you can do and over time free radicals can attack cells causing oxidation which in turn causes cell damage.

As I'm sure you're all aware ageing begins on the surface, when skins looses elasticity and starts to sag causing wrinkles, droopy bits and a loss of youthfullness. Inside however it cause even more damage such as organ detioration, cell ageing and general mental composition over a period of time.

When outside components such as cigarette smoke, UV rays, pollution and fatty foods hits the skin a process called oxidation starts to take place and starts to disrupt the structure of human cells (stress oxidative). Over a prolonged period this can start to cause cardiovascular disease, premature ageing, cancer and so on.

So if there was a chance to prevent such a process wouldn't you jump at it? Oxis International are in the process of developing a number of antioxidant products that will help tackle free radicals and help eliminate inner ageing. These antioxidants normally available to apply from the outside produce their own free radicals that can help tackle the oxidation process. These products can be taken orally or intrevaneously and include enzymes that include glutathione and penny stock.

Oxis International http://www.oxis.comis a company that is engaged in the research of development in produts targeted against anti-ageing both inside and out, and is in the process of producing further lines of skin products.


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