Saturday, 15 May 2010

Remington Photoshoot

So the day finally dawned for my Remington photoshoot. It didn't take too long to find after following a map from Angel to the studio, and probably took less time then a cab would take!

As soon as I got there, everyone was so friendly and the studio was gorgeous. It was quite large, with luxurious white sofas as a centrepiece, a fridge with drinks from coca cola to wine, a bowl of fruit and a bowl full of crisps. There were even bagels on offer too. It was quite overwhelming to see around 10 people all there just for me.

The stylist had picked out a wide range of clothes to suit every taste and told me to have a look through and see what I liked. In the end, due to time constraint I picked out this gorgeous purple dress, this fairy like yellow and multi coloured skirt dress and a vest that I wore with leggings.

Two freelance filmographers were filming throughout the shoot at various intervals, from the make over to the actual picture taking to the exit interview. I posed, I danced and I spun to get those interesting photos you only see in magazines. With a photographer who had worked with the likes of Richard Branson, the pictures were bound to be good and I got compliments all day long (which I loved!). The best thing would have to be how he managed to make me look tall, where all other photographers had failed he had conquered.

The pictures and the video will go on the Remington website when they're finished. I will keep you posted! (Meanwhile here's a few I made earlier!):)


NeS Project said...

Just came across your blog via bloggeries! Love it! Great work! Definitely following!

kathcake said...

thanks! glad u liked it! keep on checking in for updates x

Tori said...

You are gorgeous! I found you through We are listed near each other in the personal blogs section =) This sounds like it was a lot of fun!

kathcake said...

Hey tori, thanks :) yeh it was wicked! wish there were more competitions like that lol

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