Thursday, 1 April 2010

Road Rage!

Two posts in one day, aren't you all the lucky ones :) lol. Well I was driving home from seeing Kick Ass last night (a very interesting interlope of slight humour, Kill Bill style and film noir I must add) and I got stuck behind a BMW doing 30... what!

If you're going to drive a Beemer surely you should drive more to the speed limit as this was in a 40, and instead he just took the piss or she I didn't see and drove like a complete moron, and every time they sped up slightly they slowed down just a quick to fucking fuck me off I bet! Fucking dangerous loons, as soon as they went to turn right I was off!

Had another berk today doing about 40 in a 60... seriously who put these people on the road?

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Berit said...

I love your blog but I'm sorry I'm sensitive to the cursing:/

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