Saturday, 6 February 2010

What path to walk?

It's always hard to define what kind of career is suitable for you but I have realised I'm pretty good at this telesales lark. Now I'm not sure if this is because we're just following a script or what but I love the whole idea of bonuses and being able to earn more then your basic wage.

My previous role as a Support Officer and the whole way I was treated has really put me off office work, it's a shame as I enjoyed reception work prior to that, but I just found that job stale and boring. I think I'm just someone who needs a clear definition of what I'm actually supposed to be doing and when I have i'm fine. Which is probably why I'm doing so well in this telesales role and always winning prizes woop, won 2 bottles of alcohol the other day for being the best biter :P woo hoo.

I've even started looking into sales jobs, at least I could earn more with them :)

I got paid this week but went shopping today and have spent it all.. lol. I do get paid weekly just so you don't think I've gone and spent a whole months wages in a day.

I even bought a mouse mat that says 'photo of my cock' pretty funny. Lol.


meleah rebeccah said...

that mouse pad is pretty funny

Bruneian Dollar said...

Hahahaha! Good for you, Kat. Although you may need to double think on being a salesperson next.

I mean, sure, you will get the attractive offer of getting paid more than your basic salary because of the attractive commission. But it's the stress of it all.

But since you're doing so well in telesales, I suppose it wouldn't hurt to try sell something else.

Mind you that selling is not as easy as it seems. But if you're still interested, you can try joining some affiliation companies or do some drop-shipping.

And hell, if you managed to get enough capital, open your own store and you will get more stuff to sell.

Hey, I'm just throwing out some suggestions here. Who knows? You'll hit it rich probably. :)

kathcake said...

Rebeccah - yeh I know you can get one from David & Goliath stores. Theres loads of cool stuff in there!

Bruenian dollar, I wouldn't really try selling out of work and i wouldnt b a sales person id only do telesales cos im good at it and enjoy getting lots of money. Too difficult out of work though!

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