Sunday, 28 February 2010

Interviews are interesting...

So what have I been up to lately? Well I had two interviews on Thursday, one of which I had to cancel working for so I wasn't too impressed with it really. I got there and had to do this handwritten letter exercise and she gave me some mumbled explanation of what the response to this letter was and then walked out without making sure I was clear of what to do. Great start...

Then they came back in 15 mins later and I had seen she had all these questions written down because she'd left it in the room. So she comes in with another woman, asks me to tell me about herself and whether I have any questions (twice!?) then she goes 'right that's it, now we'll let you know about Friday time'. And I was like ???????? what?? is that it? are you going to ask me anymore questions as I've seen that list... 'no.. fraid not'. Weirdest fucking interview ever.. and a complete waste of my time, clearly she didn't like me from the get go for what ever reason.. maybe I looked better then her and she was jealous! lol. Can't think of any other reason.

Another annoying thing about this woman she had no expression on her face at all, she was like a blank canvas, which made things really difficult as how do you talk to someone who doesn't react? Pfffh!

The other one was a meeting with a agency in London. She was really friendly, personable and nice and she'd even checked up and found my blog.. I was bit surprised really to hear her talking about my modelling pictures lol. If you're following me now, hi! lol.

Went to see Leap Year yesterday, and after watchign so many crap films I have to say that was a warm relief. It was very funny, heartwarming and the perfect romantic comedy! Well recommend it!

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