Sunday, 14 February 2010

Hello I've not deserted you all!

Hello, sorry for the lack of updates I've been a busy girl!

I'm still doing pretty well at work and I'm on the 'bestest people in the world' list. Woop lol. Last week I made a £25 bonus and this week I made the same, yay. :)

Hopefully next week I can make it up to £50, lol nothing like positive thinking!

I've been on a few dates lately but for some reason they never go past the first one, their loss I guess! lol.

I'm also thinking of entering Miss Great Britain as there's no sponsoring fee, I've entered Miss England in the past but due to the text vote its impossible to get anywhere unless you have about 2 million friends who want to vote for you :( It's more like a popularity contest then a beauty one!

But according to them there's no text vote and no sponsorship fee, just a £50 initial fee, I've looked online to see if it's a scam but apparantly not.. hmm. Would be nice to win something cool like that though! lol!

Keep the comments coming people, I will try to update more regularly this week!

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