Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Excellent make up tips!

Today is a little article for the ladies/transexuals/drag queens with tips on how to wear good make up and how to avoid looking like a toddler experimenting with their mums makeup.

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Tip 1
  • Every girl should have a basic make up bag with a number of essential tools. These may include:
Mascara in my opinion is the number one beauty tool, it frames your eyes and really finishes off your look. Black is best for really making your eyes stand out, but if you're really fair brown may be a better choice. Try to buy mascaras that fan your eyelashes out rather then ones that just clump them all together as you'll end up with a rather spidery look. The best mascara is Rimmel The Max Volume Flash.

Eyeliner is great for creating a dramatic look in seconds, think ala Amy Winehouse. But if you don't want to go for that zany you could always tone it down with pencil liner and smudge the look for sexy, smoky eyes or just use a small line of liquid liner on a night out.


The perfect eye shadow will outline your eyes and really make them stand out, although  the wrong shade can do quite the opposite! If in doubt stick to neutrals or follow the handy eye shadow guide below!

If you only want to wear one piece of make up then this is by far the best choice (after Mascara of course). It adds colour to your face and can work to really add life to your lips and make them stand out. Like everything you should find a shade that suits your skintone as wearing something that doesn't suit you just because you liked the colour is a bit of a silly choice!

Concealer is perfect for those late nights you may have been  having lately! For dark shadows use a yellow based one under the eyes to cancel our dark circles and get one that is half a shade lighter then your natural skin colour so no one can actually tell you're wearing it!

For many women foundation is the number one make up item as it covers blemishes and uneven skin tones and helps protect the pores from any dirt or grime from blocking your pores. Finding the exact shade that matches your skin tone can be a difficult task but once found you will never have to look again (unless its discontinued of course)!.

The liquid and cream varieties are the most popular. Oil-based liquid foundation is best for dry or   more mature skin as it gives a matte finish. Water-based liquid foundation gives a lighter coverage, and is more suitable for oily or sensitive skin. Creams are also good for dry skin. Although the coverage they provide is heavier than some liquid foundations, they still offer a glossy finish.

Power will set your foundation in place and give a smooth finish to your make up. It is also very good for eliminating oily patches that may appear in you T- Zone - forehead, nose and chin. You should aim for loose translucent powder as unlike pressed power it  will give you a natural finish that wont streak. For those with oily skin a matte translucent powder will be more useful as it will absorb any oil in your skin.

Blusher is perfect for creating a warm little glow that makes you look like you've got a bit of colour in your skin. There are two varieties you could use such as powder or cream, although powder is generally less fiddly then the cream version. For the more mature lady cream is the best option as its less likely to settle in your skin and will give you a very healthy glow. Try to aim for a blusher colour that is the same shade as your natural glow as anything stronger may make you look very red cheeked!

Tip 2
  • Always try to accentuate your best feature, bet it your eyes, lips or cheeks. The best tools for these are eyeshadow, lipstock and highlighter. This will make you stand out more and make the other sex come a flocking.
Tip 3
  • Use eye shadow that contrasts with your eye colour to make your eyes really stand out. Follow the eyeshadow guide below:
  1. If you have brown eyes consider yourself lucky as they suit most colours. You can experiment with a number of looks from soft neutrals to neon colours, alternatively metallic eyeshadows go very well with this eyecolour.
  2. Blue eyes tend to suit brown, taupe, gold, plum and peach shadows. Metallic shades such as gold or bronze also go very well but don't go too over the top as bronze shadow does not look too amazing in photos and it can almost wash you out. Another good suggestion is to use purple eyeshadow as shown in my pic (click to make larger), this really accentuates the blue and makes them stand out.
  3. Golden brown, taupe, rich purple, peach and violet shades will set off green eyes, and emphasise them as a striking feature. Whilst purple works very well with green eyes, try to remember less is more and go for lighter shades such as plum and violet shades.
  4. If you have grey eyes, you're more likely to suit charcoal, brown and purple shades. Soft purple colours such as violet often work well with grey eyes and really work with your eyes to make them a stunning feature.
  5. Try to remember you shouldn't wear a eye colour just because you like tthe look of it or all your friends have got it, as it may not work for your eye colour or your skin tone. After all if you're naturally pale you don't want to wear a really dark charcoal shade that will completely wash you out and make you look ill!
  6. If in doubt stick to neutral colours which tend to suit most skin tones/eye colours and never forget avoid having shadows exactly the same as your eye colour!
Tip 4
  • As mentioned earlier when putting on your make up you should remember to only try to accentuate one main feature at a time, i.e. eyes or lips, or you'll just end up looking like Jodie Marsh, and I'm sure you don't want that!

If you want more make up guides drop me a line at sexyliciousbabe03@hotmail.com or write your query in the comment box below!

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miss sudha said...

nice advice but at the end of the day we prefer those products which we want to use.do you have any idea on how to apply eyebrow pencil.Whenever i use eyebrow pencil it easily gets wiped out.

meleah rebeccah said...

I cant leave the house without mascara!

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Can U help me decide which tampax is best for my vagina??

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