Saturday, 9 January 2010

Winter Wonderland...

In the depths of Kent we have snow... lots of it. It is fun to begin with but after a while it just starts to piss you off. Especially if it doesn't stop!

Take today for instance, it has been snowing pretty much constantly since 2.30pm today. I was out shopping for the morning and it was snowing but only lightly so I carried on, just aware that if it starts shitting it down I should make a move. Reason being I would not be getting up North Dane Way if I didn't!

In the end I got 2 dress type things and 3 tops from Primark, a pair of black work trousers from Internationale, a new coat, tshirt, jumper and black dress from Select and the new CSI Deadly Intent game and Boogie Wii game. So quite a nice little shopping trip and barely over £100 quid result!

I seem to have quite a addiction to buying Wii games I never get round to playing. Not quite sure why this is but I have a tendency to play on the PC instead. Maybe I shld have put that on my new year resolutions too - must play Wii.

I will post snow pics for you soon if you want them. It may come to us being so snowed in we can't even open our doors. Hope not as I have shopping to do. I've been sent home early from work twice already for a few snow showers, I don't need it anymore!

How is everyone else's snow experiences?

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