Thursday, 21 January 2010

Things are looking up?

So I have been jumping onto the job hunt and must have applied for over 40 jobs in the last three or four days. Talk about being proactive!

Anywho I am still waiting to hear back from the full time jobs that I have applied for but in the meantime someone from my old workplace the University of Greenwich phoned up with a possible job offer. There is a temporary position of a Receptionist for 2 days which will go down brilliantly! In addition I went for a interview, well I say interview but more of a informal discussion about a call centre job. Whilst I hadn't been keen on call centre work before, it is money at the end of the day and it really didn't seem that difficult.

It was a relaxed atmosphere with the radio on and people just sitting around tables, I'm going for a trial on Saturday. Wish me luck!

As you can do any hours you want it would probably fit in pretty well with the receptionist job. .. I'll keep you posted.


The Bruneian Dollar said...

You sure that job is for you? I mean a receptionist job is kinda like... very monotonous and routine work. I was in one about a few years ago. Not satisfying indeed.

Even so, if that's the kind of work that you're into, by all means. Best of luck! ;)

E. Sheppard said...

Good luck, Kath! I have heard that a call centre job is not that bad. In fact, the person I talked to liked it. They didn't stay all that long, though, maybe 6 months. So I guess it all depends which centre you are in. Maybe the person I talked to was given many different companies to answer the phone for. Again, good luck, and I hope it is a good job and pays well.

kathcake said...

Thanks for your comments.. Bruniean dollar I hve done reception work before and quite enjoyed it! when i was doing the previous role i realised i missed talking to people which is what reception work is all about.. still got a interview for a pr assistant role on tues lol.

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