Sunday, 17 January 2010

Stupid Warnings

Today I was in Sainsburys doing me shopping and came across a warning on the back of a Salmon packet. Guess what it said? May contain fish... REALLY!? I would never have guessed.. my god how stupid do they think we are?!

It reminds me of other warnings such as 'Slippery when wet' or 'Hot water may be very hot'.  The mind boggles.. anyone happen to come across any eye raising warnings?

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The Bruneian Dollar said...

Hahaha! I suppose the reason why is that any company would be sued if they don't make it any more obvious than it already is. "Chocolate Nut Bars - *Warning* May Contain Nuts!"

I believe the fact that they made this any more obvious is because some product name's aren't always as it is. Like the brand Captain's BirdEye is in the market for selling fish fillets and other delicious easy to cook fish like fish pies. And of course, they would still put up a warning that it contains fish. Why? Because it wasn't obvious and that Captain wasn't in the market for selling Birds' Eyes! Hahaha! Nevertheless, warnings are warnings. Be aware of Nuts! :P

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