Sunday, 24 January 2010

Popping out the feelers...

Today I have been emailing every (or almost every) bookseller in Kent to see if they'd be interested in selling my self published novel Love Comes Knocking. Now I know that's a hell of a long shot as they like to turn their noses up at self-published stuff but it's worth a go isn't it, nothing ventured, nothing gained. In the least they might note that I'm local and maybe arrange some sort of event? who knows.. it's completely up to them, and I'm bracing myself for the rejections! lol.

To be honest the whole publishing world is like most industries these days really, really tough to break into. All you need is that one big break but getting that is incredibly difficult. Still I have my hope and as hope is the last thing to die I'll be okay for a while yet!

Keep your comments coming people! :)

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