Saturday, 9 January 2010

Ooh another competition win

The other day I received a letter from GM informing me I had won a pair of limited edition Salomon XT Wings trail running shoes. According to them they emailed me but had no response so they wrote instead. I am getting slightly concerned about these emails not getting through.. I check my junk email quite regularly and have never seen such a email.

Still the junk still manages to get through so it must be okay!

I have no idea what they look like so I'll have a nice surprise if they ever arrive. The suit I won hasn't yet either.. nor the album i won months ago.. not impressed!

Somewhere there is a very well dressed postman listening to some bang hard tunes!

(hopefully it has just taken a detour as I don't like the above idea!!)

On a side note I have entered way over 120 comps today, and over 80 on Thursday so maybe I will win a grand total of one if i'm lucky?

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