Monday, 14 December 2009

White Christmas?

Gosh its so cold this year... maybe we'll get snow at Christmas who knows, the temperatures are low enough. The notion of snow at Christmas is a funny one though as back in the day the calendars were completely different to how they are now. So what was 'December' then was actually February 'hence the snow.' However it is every child or grown childs dream to have a white Christmas, who knows?!

I bet the bookies are already putting odds on.

On a side note, my car is so retarded during winter it sucks. Got out of work today, tried to start my car and it did... nothing. GRRR!!

So I kept trying for ages and still nothing, connected up this battery thing that usually kick starts it and.. nothing. So I sat there for about half hour freezing my tits off, occasionally turning the key to no response etc. I had phoned my dad by this time and he was coming to help out, so I decided to get out the car and voila, the key fob worked. Got back in and it started. Why is technology such as a bastard!?

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Anonymous said...

Sounds to me like you definalty need a new battery or maybe a new alternater

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