Friday, 18 December 2009

Our White Christmas came one week too early!

I posted recently about hoping for a White Christmas, I think it heard me but got its dates wrong... Now the weather forecast is claiming that the weather will warm up by Christmas day.. in just a week! Bah humbug! Bloody useless weather !

Anywho in South East Kent we have quite a bit of snow and as usual it brings the country to a standstill (everyone agree with me to say pathetic?) anyway there are flurrys up to your knees and this little blizzard caused a hell amount of disruption to the roads last night.

I myself took a trip up to Sittingbourne when there wasn't a flake on the road, four hours later and the world was coated in a blanket of white. Having only driven for three weeks this was my first experience of driving on the snow and yes it was fun. Sittingbourne's roads were absloutely amazing compared to the M2 which in my opinion is bloody disgusting! How useless are our gritters? they knew it was going to snow and do they grit it? nooooooooooo! So I had to sit on the M2 for half hour while a load of twits dug out a lorry or something. But the snow wasn't even thick at that point so I don't quite understand why they had to do that? During that time my car started to overheat and the red STOP sign kept flashing. Not what I wanted to see really!

We did start moving eventually and I drove home at 20mph the rest of the way.. lol. It was quite surreal with the rules of the road forgotten as everyone drove in single file, feet apart to avoid smashing into each other. At times your car did a bit of skiing which was a bit hairy but I got through it lol.

Just as I was coming to the roundabout not far from my home some idiot had stopped by the entrance of the roundabout and my car chose that moment to slide, I stopped just inches from them. Wouldn't have caused much damage but still.

What should have taken 20 mins took about 1 hour 45 mins, ooh don't you love driving in the snowww! lol.

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