Monday, 28 December 2009

One of the mysteries of life

Why do people go mad for sales? They are basically (on the clothes side) little bits of tat that no one wanted to buy during the year. Soon as a couple of quid is knocked off people queue for hours for them. However I must admit for electrical/jewellery the sales are worth it.

I went around the whole of Bluewater today and braved the mahoosive queues on the road to get in. Completely missed the turning on the A2 cos i didn't think the traffic would be so massive and by the time I saw it it was too late to get in! Bloody motorways would have been okay on a normal road. So I decided to go to Dartford initially instead, didn't know where I was going so that was fun. Then got to Dartford and that was just as jammed so decided to turn around and go back to Bluewater. Went the back way so got there reasonably quickly, well I say quickly but probably faster then it would have been the other way.

Couldn't find a space of course because it was rammed so after 45 mins we parked on a layby in the overflow park. Went around all my usual shops in Bwater and found nothing of interest, only got 2 things a cardi and a star necklace and earring set. Think I'll stay at home next yr!

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