Thursday, 24 December 2009

My trip to Edinburgh

Hello everyone I'm back from my trip to Scottyland!

Having to wake up at 5am was quite a hardship as getting up early really isn't my thing, and I feel that getting up when it's still night outside is just wrong!

Alas I managed it and we left at 6am, having to catch 3 trains before we even got to Heathrow. I don't know if any of you have ever used the Heathrow Express but it costs £60 for a return journey. Can you believe that? They must be making a mint, seriously where do they get off?! Considering a 50 min trip to London Victoria from Chatham costs just £23 for a return on peak that is a hell of a lot of money. Still if you can why not eh?

The plane took off on time and everything was just dandy. The Fraser suites were very nice indeed with a double bed, ensuite bathroom, couch, widescreen tv, nice view of the city, microwave, fridge, toaster, hairdryer, ironing board and iron, storage space, table, ipod dock and alarm clock were included. Also musn't forget the complimentary milk sachets in the fridge :) lol. We also got a free breakfast as part of the deal of the prize my brother won. We had free passes to most of the attractions in Edinburgh and went to the Dungeons, Camera Obscura and the Loch Ness 3D exprience in the first day. The dungeons were cool, but the history seemed a bit basic, did enjoy the torture talk tho! The main part of the Camera Obscuras feature was closed because there was no daylight and the Nessie experience was interesting, the 3D was pretty good too.

On the second day we explored the Winter Wonderland but I sadly couldn't find Santa's reindeers which would have been quite fun. Walked past the huge tower where you could see the whole of the city but with 279 steps it seemed like too much hard work. So off we went to Dynamic Earth which was closed... bit of a cheek when it didn't even say that in the guide book. Next we tried the Butterfly and creepy crawlies centre, that was open and it was nice to see a few of them. Then we went back to the city, had a Maccy D's, and went on a tour of the most haunted underground vaults in the UK. It was interesting how they were found as a student in the 70s only discovered them when he noticed a hollow spot on his wall. He knocked it through and found these huge tunnels. The tour guide was either very jumpy or putting it on, i wasn't quite sure but she often seemed to hear noises and stuff. One room scared a load of wiccans off as they sensed a evil spirit, and another had a rather gruesome story. Back in the 1800's living on the streets was made illegal so all those without a home came underground to live in the vaults. They chose this one particular room because it was so large and one day there was a fire above on the streets. They thought they'd be safe down there because stone doesn't burn but what they didn't quite realise was Limestone was a great conductor of heat and so they slowly roasted to death. They say now there was this poltergiest that lived in this room, caused by the fear and emotions of these paupers who couldn't get out because the heat sealed the door shut. It apparantly doesn't like women so women are put in the safer corner where the spirit is weaker and the men on the other side. It's also supposed to intefere with electrical equipment but I left my phone on and it didn't do anything so who knows! lol.

It was a interesting experience though. Later we went for our three course complimentary meal at the Wee Restaurant. Unfortunately it was out of town and cost loads on taxi fares but the meal was nice enough. The next morning we woke up to a ton of snow. Pretty typical for the day you're flying home eh? We got to the airport and the plane was delayed, the time slowly pushed back till 5 hours later we finally boarded the plane and left. Saying that however I wasn't too bored as I read through two newspapers and started on finishing my book. It really is amazing how the UK can collapse with a bit of snow when countries like Siberia and parts of America who gets tons of it just get on with it! Madness.

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