Saturday, 5 December 2009

Kathy's tip for the day

Ideas on how to get freebies you really want

If you are like me and love getting free stuff you could always try writing to the companies whose products you really love. This way rather then applying for freebies you see online of which may have run out by the time you enter you are freewinging it - congratulating someone for providing a service or product of which you found useful and getting something in return. By writing to companies first you are almost guaranteed a response - especially by mail, (less so by email a lot of the time) to congratulate you for your custom. You may receieve a full size product or vouchers towards money off etc.

It's the perfect way to get a freebie you actually like!

Alternatively it always pay to complain too - companies fear losing your business and offer to replace the item or replace the item and give you money off vouchers too. Try it - but make sure your item is really broken first!

Just as a side note I was writing a couple of thank you letters the other night and I found it extremely difficult to get the postal addresses of many make up brands, especially Max Factor. I found this very strange and a bit odd.

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