Friday, 25 December 2009

It's Christmas!

So Christmas time has finally come around and it ISN'T snowing. What a surprise... In fact it is sunny, as I said before we had Christmas weather a week too early. Bah Humbug! For Xmas I got Wii games: Rabiids Go Home, Babysitting Party, Movie studios party and thrillvilles off the rails, make up, jewellery and earring set, Olay smellies from my aunt (who gives the same stuff every year lol), more olay stuff from my mum, a Mr Men t shirt, more smellies, a alarm clock, I did get money for my sat nav so technically that was a xmas pressy too, a DVD, a photo globe, some books and a photo ornament. I also got a scarf from the neighbour, some bangles from my cousins and £20. To be honest I get most things as I go along in the year so there was nothing I really wanted, but alas it is nice to get some little pressies! yesterday I bought myself two new tops and a coat so every week is Christmas for me. Lol.

Merry Christmas all!!

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