Monday, 16 November 2009

Why is it so hard to let go?

If you've read swimming for the future you will know I am taking swimming lessons. I have done around two rounds now and still haven't quite conquered the task of swimming. I know that we were all born with the ability to swim but we are also born with as bilinguals with the ability to learn every language under the sun. You lose that ability and it's harder to get back as a more fearful adult.

I would love to just let go and go for it like some of the other people in my class but I haven't quite got to that stage yet. It's really frustrating (and expensive) to keep going for lessons but it does give me more confidence, gets me out the house and increases my confidence in putting my face in too.

It would be great if I could wake up one day and suddenly be able to swim but in the meanwhile I guess I will keep on trooping!

Are any of you learning something new? comments welcome

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