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Top ten requests to Santa this Christmas

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As part of the What to buy at Christmas collection I have written a handy guide for the top ten toys to buy for children this christmas.

With their letter to Santa written, the carrot left for Rudolph, and cookies and milk on the side every little child in the world will be expecting their dreams to come true on Christmas day. Whilst it is impossible to buy everything they want (unless you're a millionare) one much desired present will keep them quiet for the rest of the day. To find out what the top ten toys for boys and girls in 2009 are keep on reading!

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Bakugan Battle Pack by Spin Masters

The Bakugan battle pack is perfect for every little boy who wants to save the galaxy. It is suitable for up to two players or as a accompaniment to any current Bakugan sets. It includes 6 Bakugans, 6 metallic cards and 6 ability cards along with 2 collector cards that are unique to this pack. Each player can expect a little surprise or two along the way!

Battle Strikers Starter Set by Mega Brands - Dragonblaze

The battle striker ‘Tsunami’ is the next generation of battle tops, engaging little boys of 6+ in rip-roaring floor action. The power of control will be in their hands as they attach their striker to the turbo launcher and rev the speed up. Use the controller to launch your ship and engage battle against your contender.

Ben 10 ALIEN FORCE Planetary Powder by Bandai

Rev up every Ben 10’s fans imagination with the Ben 10 Alien Force Kevin Levin Action Cruiser. This unique role-play toy brings the action full circle as 5 years after Ben wore the Omnitrix he is forced into action when Grandpa Max goes missing. Boys can join Ben, Gwen and Kevin to find new half-alien allies and stop a secret highbred invasion. The toy is a cool Action Cruiser just like the one in the show, in which the green muscle car is packed with lots of surprises. Players can really get into the action as they start battle and shoot the DNA alien capsules. Their favourite scenes from the show can be recreated or they can make up their own stories with the figures included and those sold separately.

Bendaroos Mega Pack by Spin Master

Bendaroos are the amazing new craft pack without any mess. With the flexible building sticks children can draw, craft, transform and decorate almost anything. They can be bent and twisted and stuck together all without the need for glue which I’m sure will make them seem a lot more appetising to parents! They can be stuck to any surface and reused again and again which makes for a Christmas present that will never really go out of use. Children can create jewellery, doll furniture, clothing for actions figures, craft pieces etc. The list is only as long as the imagination! The set features 400 coloured sticks, a cut n join tool, 2 double-sided templates and an instruction booklet.

If the child you’re buying for has always wanted a pet but hasn’t been trusted with one GO GO Pet Hamsters is the next best alternative. These interactive realistic looking hamsters are artificially intelligent so they talk and move around their habitat. There are 4 to collect so you could buy all 4 and they will be happy for hours.

S1 GX Racers Tightrope Terror Playset by Flair

Do you know a little boy who wants to be ripping around the track like Lewis Hamilton? The GX Racers Tightrope set will give them a taste of danger in the safety of their own home. Using patented technology the cars are designed around the power of the Gyroscope and the Ripcord that allows for extreme speeds and unbelievable stunts. The Tightrope Terror track showcases the terrifying stunt where a car roars across a tiny tightrope. The stunt can be performed reasonably close together or at any two points in the room to make it incredibly awe inspiring. The set is of course the perfect addition to any stunt set.

VTech Kidizoom Multimedia Digital Camera by VTech

The VTech Digital camera is the perfect first camera for little people. With integrated games, camera taking facilities, a 4cm LCD screen, and the ability to link it up to the TV or PC it is the ultimate all in one digital gift. The camera is extra sturdy so it will withstand the inevitable knocks and drops it will get from being thrown or dropped by little hands. Photos can be edited using the creative workshop and games can be played on the move or when linked up to a TV. It also has a SD feature so more memory can be added, as the 16mb slot will probably fill up quite quickly. The front of the camera is interchangeable so it can be customised for either a boy or girl. It also includes a carry strap, CD, and cables to both the computer and TV. With these features this camera is the perfect Christmas present for any little boy or girl.

LEGO Games Minotaurus by Lego

The Minotaurus game by Lego is an innovative new design that uses Lego in ways never seen before. Get the whole family involved as children and adults sit down to a game that is decided by the bouncy rubber dice. No two games will be the same as you lead your heroes to the temple where the evil Minotaur lives, beating your opponents with cleverly placed blocks and hiding from the monster. Play to find out who will be crowned the Lego champion!

Monopoly City by Hasbro

Monopoly city is a twist on the original properties board game. Build from scratch to create a city of 3D properties that will make your fortunes grow. Develop buildings such as stadiums and skyscrapers in such a way that you can maximise your property price and bring your opponents down. Be cunning and place unsightly looking buildings near their territory and watch as their empire flat lines. Monopoly City is a great strategy game for older kids that even has a deal button.

Princess Peppa Pig Peppa's Palace by Character Options

Do you know a little one who loves Peppa Pig? If so the Peppa Pig Princess Peppa’s place is a toy fit for a princess literally. The palace includes a dinning room and kitchen on the ground floor. Upstairs there are 2 bedrooms, a playroom and more. The palace is covered in pretty d├ęcor and comes with many unique accessories such as thrones for a King and Queen, beds, table and chairs, oven and cauldron. The toy even folds out to reveal a banqueting hall and many more surprises. To protect Peppa Pig and her royal family there is a specially designed guardsman. The toy is the perfect way to encourage imagination and bring Peppa Pig into the home.

Sylvanian Families The Caravan by Flair

Even the Sylvanian people can go on holiday with the new Caravan set. Featuring a moveable side and roof the caravan opens up to reveal a fully functional home within a caravan. It has a well-equipped kitchen, shower room and seating area that have realistic items such as a sink, stove, drawers, cupboards and even a fold out ironing board. Seating can also be folded away to make a double bed and there are two further bunk beds on the roof. There is also a small shower room for the little Sylvanian’s to get cleaned up in! The set comes with 25 amazing accessories and is perfect for keeping little ones busy on Christmas day.

Transformers - Revenge of the Fallen - Demolishor by Hasbro

If you know a child that loves Transformers, the Voyager Demolishor will prolong the movie experience. With Voyager Demolishor they can wage battle while waiting for the Decepticons to lead them once again. With Mech Alive spinning gears in robot mode, this monster is ready to fight. It can also be transformed into an excavator with a working shovel in vehicle mode.

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