Monday, 2 November 2009

Swimming for the future

Unlike many of the lucky ones I was never taught how to swim when I was a kid. My mum didn't take me cos she reckoned it was too far away (only two bus rides and when it comes to your kids you should teach them everything) and I never received any lessons at school. Pretty pathetic if u ask me but that's the way it was. I have gone swimming quite a few times over the years and a couple of my friends tried to show me what to do but i just couldn't grasp it. One time I had a float in the pool and my friend exlaims 'you're swimming!' and at that moment of course I dropped it and scramble frantically to stay afloat. I even used her as a little buoy in my race for the side. ! LOL.

The turning point came when I was on holiday this year in Salou, my mum didn't fancy going swimming and well I would have looked a bit dappy just trying to swim on my own. So I decided to take swimming lessons. So here I am on round 2 of my beginner lessons and i've still not quite mastered it. We've learnt swimming techniques, had a little swim in the very shallow end, used a variety of floats and learnt to tread water. It's all very helpful but I just can't let go.. i don't like the idea of falling in and drowning it's as simple as that. When I let go i'll be able to swim. I hope that day comes very soon!

On the plus side it is like a little community at the pool. Whilst the newbies to this session can pretty much swim and we oldies (two of us) still can't it's quite a nice atmosphre. Me and this other lady Tiz joined at the same time and support each other when times are tough. She has problems with flapping her legs to keep afloat and I can't put me face in. A right pair we are lol.

One funny thing I have to say is there are two hair dryers in the changing area. Onehas a elephant face on and is designed for kids with specific temperature changes for that reason. Tiz used the kids one and wondered why it came out cold lol. Only when did I see the sign did I realise why. Always read the signs!

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