Thursday, 12 November 2009

Scary dreams

Last night I had a rather vivid dream that my front teeth were so wobbly they were about to fall out. It seemed so real and really horrible. So horrible that I was even contemplating going to the dentist in my dream as no one looks good looking like they've done ten rounds with Mike Tyson.

The dentist scares me as I hate opening my mouth to strangers, especially for prolonged periods. To be honest I'm much happier going to the docs then the dentist. Doesn't help that when i was watching the 2002 World Cup I tried to put a apple in my mouth (not my brightest moment I admit) and I do believe I pulled my jaw slightly out of place. Now every so often it aches for a day or so and keeping it open for ages doesn't help matters.

So yes I've not been for quite a few years, I would go if I have severe dental pain but I don't so I can stay as far away as possible from the dentist. I guess visiting the dentist is another of my fears!

Dentist = pain and scariness

So anyway I looked up what this dream could mean and some of the results weren't pleasant reading. It could mean a loss in the family if you look at it from a Greek meaning, anxiety, loss of power and feeling inferior as the teeth are very powerful things and of course worrying about a dental issue. Meh. I'm sure it's just a dream!

Do any of you have strange episodes like this where you wake up and remember and think it really did seem so real?

Comments welcome.

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