Monday, 2 November 2009

Scam Job Market anyone?

Scam Marketing Companies

Ever heard of Supreme Corporations Ltd or London Marketing Services. If you're job hunting you will find their 'adverts' literally plastered across every page of job search websites. The ads are very appealing with offers of high salaries for entry level Marketing/sales positions. It literally seems to good to be true and I do believe it is. Having recieved a phone call from a unknown number today I did a search on the Internet and came up with a lot of people opinions on the number that belong to London Marketing Services. They basically said it was a scam, and i can quite rightly believe them.

When I attended the interview for Supreme Corporations bells immediatly began ringing. Their offices were above a closed down charity shop which in itself was odd.. the website didn't even have their name on it, and there was no information on them on the internet other then MORE job ads. It didn't feel right. Despite the plush carpet upstairs it was very small. When I asked the guy why there was so little information on the company he seemed to get quite defensive claiming they were new starters and they were under the umbrella of this much bigger company. It didn't bode well with me, and I don't think he liked my questioning either. He said I was shortlisted but I never heard from him again, thank god!

The other 'company' I had a interview with London Marketing Services I do believe offer absloutely everyone this interview. They claim to give you entry level positions in which they train you up in with not much insight other then it is face-to-face marketing. When I entered the lobby I saw it was absolutely full of people waiting to go in. I was interview with another guy who was for more interested in the position then I was. I thought it was more a marketing job but it was in fact pure sales with the intent on working towards a manager position. I didn't seem very keen and he asked if I wanted to pursue this so despite my reluctance it was like he still wanted me on board. I said no and left taking my dignity with me!

I have read that the second day they invite you back to is basically a tour around the local council estates trying to sell products to them. You work for 8 hours on your feet all day in all weathers and the pay is purely commission based only.  HOW ARE THEY GETTING AWAY WITH THIS?!

For more info and insight into other companies acting under the same sort of ethics just click on the link below:

I'm glad I didn't take the risk!

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