Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Remember Remember the 5th of November (or 4th)

If you wanna be famous just try to burn down the house of parliament like Guy Fawkes - you'll be remembered forever more!

Tonight went off with a bang literally as I watched the first ever firework display to be held at Lordswood Leisure Centre. I've not been to too many firework displays as my dads a old fart and doesn't particularly enjoy anything that doesnt' consist of trains, renewable energy, ships, trams or Arsenal. It's pretty pitiful but yes he doesn't really like doing anything, boring old fart. Any how I went with my mum on a night where the sky was clear, not a cloud in sight, and a big full moon to light the way.

There was supposed to be a funfair but due to the bad weather there were about 3 or 4 kids rides and one adult thrill ride. So much for the worlds biggest funfair!! There was however a small arcade which was a saviour from the cold as we spent about half hour - 40 mins playing on the rip off machines that are so fixed you're only likely to win once in every 1000 goes.. I can't believe I wasted £8 on those bloody fruit machines! I almost had £5 in my pocket too but I decided to gamble and lost it all blooodyyy hell!

The bonfire was well late starting off, I'm pretty sure the fireworks were supposed to start at around 7.30 but the bonfire didn't start till then which was a bit annoying. They took ages to get the bloody thing off to a start to! They started off by pouring petrol round the side slowly working their way round, dont know why they couldn't just pour  petrol on the whole thing? Then we had to wait half hour for that to burn down before they set the fireworks off. But it was a good display, 20 mins which is better then the measly 15 mins in the last display I had seen.

Had to get me in here somewhere! lol
Lots of variety too as you can see from my pics.

Bloody cold though by the time I got home my hands were SO numb!

Also noticed lots of naughty parking on the pavements which I'm pretty sure is NOT allowed. Tried to take a pic but didn't come out god damn!

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