Saturday, 7 November 2009


Like most girls I like to feel glamourous and gorgeous and all that jazz and I do like the idea of pursuing modelling. I know at my size it aint really gona happen for me but I can still dream lol. I did a photo shoot today with this local tog who messaged me on the site Pure Storm. I was a bit nervous at first as his studio was in his home and we've all heard the horror stories lol, but it was fine. He had a lovely home with loadsa rooms, huge plasma tellies and everything. He said he was retired so I wondered how on earth did he afford all this but then I spotted a prosthetic arm. It may have been the accident that gave him the funds to afford such luxury..

Anyway he was very nice, his photos looked good on the site and his house was warm unlike some other places I have done shoots! He had loadsa ideas, took reference from pics and all in all it seemed like a really good experience. It was for free too so that was good, I also got to look at the pics all the way through to see what I thought. V well thought out I must say. I'm pretty sure the pics will come out better then the last lots any who!

I don't have them yet but as soon as I do i will keep you posted if you're interested!

Please comment if you want x

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