Saturday, 21 November 2009

Na na na na Batman!

All the hardwork I have put into competition entering has finally paid off as I have won you guessed it a Batman DVD. I've no idea who from as they didn't send a letter but I have a idea that it's probably this Sci Fi Online site.

However as I'm not all too keen on watching the animated series of Batman I am selling it on Ebay. If you're interested do check out the Batman Ebay link.

I am slightly miffed that I haven't won more but then I console myself with the fact that a lot of the competitions haven't closed yet so I'm sure the wins will be rolling in soon! lol.

Before this I did however win, I say win but i'm not quite sure if they gave them to everyone, two tickets to the Glamour convention in London. They were worth about £20 so guess that was worth winning. Then I won a £5 voucher to personalised engraving, and ordered myself a engraved cat frame. It came today, very nice looking but I broke the back latch trying to secure the bloody thing!

I will keep you updated! lol

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