Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Mystery Shopping

Like the idea of earning for doing 15 minutes of work? If so keep on reading!

Like most people you may have heard of mystery shopping but to some it may seem a very elusive prospect without the right direction to go in. I always came across links for mystery shopping that was mostly in America, not exactly a short journey so obviously it was never a option for me. That was until I saw a advert in one of my monthly glossy's for the company Grass Roots Mystery Shopping.

With nothing to lose I decided to apply and was soon accepted. I think my first assignment was probably a visit to Abbey in Maidstone where you just assess their service, ask a question or two, leave then fill out a survey. All that for £10 and all you've done is 15 minutes of work.

If you accept a assignment always make sure you go on the day you've chosen, and do it yourself, don't try getting someone else to do it for you! I've never had any trouble with them, and always fill in my answers on the initial questionnaire you print before you go straight after the job. That way it's fresh on your mind. (you input your real answers on the Internet later on).

If you do enough you can earn a small amount of money, although the assignments go very quickly so I'd advise you to always check your emails for invites to jobs in your area.

Today I did mystery shopping in Abbey in Chatham and tomorrow I'm doing New Look in Hempstead. All I have to do tomorrow is buy something ( can be anything ) assess the service, fill in a questionnaire and i'm done. Simples!


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