Tuesday, 10 November 2009

My thoughts on today

I got my Advent calender from Thorntons this year. I tried to get one from there last year but I left it so late that by December they'd all gone. So I had to make do with a plain Jane calender. I'm not quite sure why I buy them sometimes because I get so bored with chocolate I don't eat half of it.. I think i ate about 9 chocolates from last years. Guess I just like the novelty of things!

Plus I do like Thorntons chocolates...

I've not done too much today, mainly competition entering and I went to the local town earlier (where I got me calender!). I feel a bit down about the whole writing thing, like i'm trying to get my manuscript printed but I send out a letter and they just send it back saying no thanks.. one agency didn't even return my sample chapters cheeky gits! I just send them on to the next lot lol. It's sooo hard and costs so much money it really is difficult to keep optimistic about making it. I can't afford self publication and to be honest I think it's a waste of money unless you have thousands more for marketing. It's like the saying you can take a horse to water but you can't make it drink... hmm. I didn't buy much from town, not been paid yet so I will go on a splurging spree when I do..only 4 days! lol.

I am also very jealous of the two Euro Million lottery winners... it even influenced me to buy two tickets, and they've gone up to £2 ! I thought the shop keeper had ripped me off. lol. Such extortion. I hope it won't be like the crane machines where once someone's won, no one else will win until the 100 losses are up.. mmmm.

I also found out Sarah Michelle Gellar has a baby now.. i didn't even know she was pregnant! How out of the loop am I lol. I thought I knew everything about celebrities, but she is American. They annoy me anyone flaunting their riches in our faces.. grr

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