Friday, 27 November 2009

My poor kitty :(

My cats been suffering with his eyes for a long time and has been pretty much blind for about a year. This morning my cat knocked into him and he screamed so loud, the sound was horrible. His eye had bulged out of the socket, was so red and bloody, it was horrible. It really did look like something out of a horror movie. He was so quiet after that as well and kept pacing which is really unlike him. We took him for a emergency appointment and she said he'd glaucoma for a while. The only 2 options were to take the eyes out (he couldn't see anyway) or put him down.

Me and my mum love that cat so we decided to do the op. He won't be in pain anymore and he couldn't use his eyes anyway. Be so weird seeing him like that though :(

Hope he's okay :(

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