Sunday, 29 November 2009

It's a date!

This Thursday just gone I went on another date with a guy I had met online sometime. Probably from Faceparty or something like that. I thought he lived in Dartford at first and I couldn't remember how old he was haha good aren't i! Turns out he was 21 and lived in Herne Bay not Dartford. Still don't know where I got the Dartford idea from. Anywho he drove down on Thursday night and we went to my local the Sherwood.

On first impressions he wasn't too bad looking, friendly enough, nice eye lashes lol. We seemed to get on well enough and he asked a lot of questions, unlike the last one whose only interest was himself. Bit of give and take is always good huh!? lol.

I usually find guys I go on dates with really aren't funny at all. This one I must say had quite a few amusing anecdotes about times he was drunk. Such as trying to pee in a mates drawer, wardrobe and trying to get in bed with his mates parents. Brilliant lol.

I've decided to see him again as we got on and he amused me, although the only downside was when he laughed his eyes kinda diseppeared. Mmm.

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The 80s Guitar and Metal Critic said...

Seinfeld Type Line

"...the only downside was when he laughed his eyes kinda disappeared."

Why's that a big deal?

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