Sunday, 8 November 2009

Is it just me or...

Do you think onions should come in chopped containers?

I find it quite frustrating that if you want to use a bit of a onion but don't want to use a whole onion there really are few options open to you. I really don't think there's any products out there where you can buy ready chopped onion (if there is I'd like to know). I know you can save the rest of the onion but what if you don't have any other use for it? I guess that's technically the same as having ready chopped onion but I think it would be convenient.. don't you? Anyone agree? Comments welcome!

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The Bruneian Dollar said...

LOL! Been there done that! Yeah I kinda wish that would happen too. But that just shows how lazy we are as time goes by and then suddenly there's some crazy new invention that would save us time to do the lucrative work.

For example, an electronic motor toothbrush. What? Are people to lazy to brush their teeth now too? Sigh. "Technology is a devil's tool", says the senile old man. :D

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