Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Interview time!

If you've read my previous posts or know me personally I'm sure you're aware I am frantically job hunting. Well I have been for the past year and 6 months lol. Today I had a interview for a Support Officer for the Library at Medway Council.

I always get pretty nervous wondering what the interview's going to be long, am i going to freeze up etc. A couple of times pretty recently I had got so nervous I didn't do so well in the initial period. Never good! I've found that if you tell the interviewer you are nervous they're made aware of this and make allowances. Not too many of course, it helps me retain my composure anyway.

Initially I did a half hour intray exercise which consisted of 4 tasks. That was less then 10 mins for each task. Not easy! I found out after it was a priority based assessment.. ha lol. I got virtually all of them done bar the last one. The first was edit a letter replying to a angry customer, 2nd was respond to requests for meetings for people whose diaries were already full. SO difficult. What else could i suggest then arrange another day/time or try to fit the people into a half hour slot. I did my best but prob cocked that up. The third was write how you would deal with a situation where both managers are at a meeting, there is a urgent request for information on a topic they specialise in and the other two contacts who deal with it on leave. Err great! Pretty difficult to work around if you ask me. Lol. The last was draft another reply to a letter with no information regarding what the letter asked. Brilliant. lol.

The interview itself was easy enough, i lasted around half hour with my comptency based questions. I tried to expand as much as I could and even got told to ssh cos i said too much at one point. They said that was a good thing!

I also showed them a work trial leaflet I had from the Job Centre and they seemed intrigued. I don't know if it would apply to the post though as it's only temporary for the year.. hmm..

I will hear in a couple of days. If i'm not succesful I've got my next interview on Friday. Haha wish me luck! x


Anonymous said...

Brilliant post

kathy said...

Aww thanks :) do come bk to read more i'm always posting stuff!

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