Monday, 30 November 2009

How to be a successful blogger!

If you enjoy writing you should consider blogging as a outlet for your words of widsom. You must remember however if you want to make some sort of income from your blog you should be aware that it takes a lot of time, patience and resilience to get to a stage where you make anything worthwhile. Firstly you should pick the kind of platform you wish to base your blog on. You can go for the free blog sites such as,, etc or you can produce your own website with your own domain name on a server. The latter does cost money but it offers you a free platform to do whatever you want with your blog, for example you can put as much advertising as you want on it. If you really don't have any knowledge of html or how the internet scripts work however you'll probably be better off sticking with the free websites. When monetizing your blog you should first consider what site you're going to register on, for example Word Press is not a fan of ads such as Adsense and Google will block you for trying this. (I know from experience.). Blogger on the other hand is Adsense friendly and you can set up a account through the site.

Once you've decided you want to set up a blog you should think of what topic or niche your blog is going to be about. Is it going to be a personal blog or will it be work related, ways on making money, pet tips, horse riding ideas etc. It's your blog so only you know what you want to blog about! The idea is to find a topic that will appeal to other people and will want to make them read what you've got to offer. Another good thing to remember are key words. These are notable words that people type in search engines when looking for something that may bring up your site if you have the right words available. For example if someone is looking for 'Ways to make money', and you have included these key words your site may appear as their results. Once they've clicked on your link you've gained yourself another reader.

When you first start off blogging its very hard to gain readers. For a start no one knows about your site or what you have to offer so you have to be the one that promotes it and tells them. You should first register on every search engine you can think of, there are sites around that do this for you so you should type in something like submit to search engines in Google and you'll get a list of sites with this service. It's all free so you don't need to worry about paying for anything. Social networking is a vital tool in today's Internet driven world and friends and family are the first visitors on your list. They know you so they're going to be more likely to pay you a visit and you never know they may end up coming again. Promote yourself on every site you can think of such as Twitter, Facebook, Stumble Upon, Digg etc. Tell them what you've written and why they should visit. Another option is to create a fan page on Facebook and invite all your friends, then post your updates in there. Posting a summarised article of stuff you've written is a good idea to post on article sites such as Ezine. Make sure you follow this up with a link to the full post in your blog though! Lastly you can try Directory listings, but this is a very time consuming procedure that doesn't guarantee any traffic (visitors). At the very least try submitting your site to the higher page ranked directories as this gives you useful back links.

After a couple of months if you've preservered and have posted many interesting blogs, you will soon have a little fanpage and you will hopefully be growing in readers as the months go by!

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