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Hot gifts for Christmas 2009

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Buying a christmas present for a woman can be unknown territory

Unlike men women like a much wider range of things.. shopping, make up, clothes, DVD's, being treated, compliments, Tiffany jewellery etc so you would think that would make us easier to buy for right? Wrong - women can be extremely picky and have their heart set on a gift that if you don't buy will leave her devastated till her birthday. Or next Christmas if you're lucky. Like men however every woman is different with different hobbies, tastes and ideas of the perfect present. It is up to you the present buyer to figure this one out. To help you along the way here is the list of what I believe are the ultimate gifts for Christmas 2009.

Spa day

Every woman loves to be pampered and a spa day is the ultimate Christmas gift. Watch her face light up as you present her with the voucher of luxury, entitling her to one day in one of the best spa's you could afford. She will get pampered, massaged and get to chill with a glass of champagne - all thanks to you.


If you're going to consider buying a lady lingerie you have to consider two things; 1. Make sure you know her size; and 2. Don't at any point buy anything that is slutty. Women like to feel like sexy godesses's and stylish lingerie is the perfect way to achieve this. If she's having a bad day or has a interview to attend a nice, well fitting set of underwear will make her feel a million dollars even if no one gets to see it. Think of a style that is feminine but sexy, something she would like to wear and most of all something that is practical enough to wear everyday.


There is nothing women like more then a bit of bling. Dainty little diamonds set in silver or gold will always get a reaction of joy. At the heart of every woman is a magpie that wants to buy as much sparkly jewellery as the eye can see. When you think of jewellery think of something classy; most women will have a ton of costume jewellery so you should think outside this bracket. The more established, pricier items are what a woman lacks - and these make the perfect Christmas present. Many women love Tiffany jewellery or you could think along the lines of heart shaped diamond jewellery Get your thinking caps on and delight your loved one.


I for one am a big fan of perfume, so much so that I have 30 bottles of the stuff. Now perfume can be hit and miss - some women love it - some have bad reactions and can't stand the stuff but it still is one of the top ten presents for Christmas. With one spritz of perfume a woman can be transformed into a gorgeous smelling beauty, where everywhere they go people will remember them by their smell. There are many perfumes around so you won't be stuck for choice but if you get stuck you could always ask the lady (or man!) at the counter for their opinion or try the testers. I would however personally recommend Gucci Flora It is such a gorgeous smell the lady in your life will love you for it!

Electronic gadgets

Women love electronic gadgets as much as men but they don't brag as much about it. If you want to surprise a lady friend with something electronic think of something that is useful to her. Remember if she's already got one she's not likely to want another unless of course it is of a better spec. Think Ipods, Nintendo DSi, Digital Cameras, Digital Photo Frames, GPS or if you really want to splash out a Lap top computer.

Kitchen Equipment

Buying a woman something for the kitchen may result in a argument - if it's the generic pots and pans that show little thought and care. If however, you start to think outside the box and buy a gift that is both thoughtful and useful you may strike gold. Everyone enjoys high quality, gourmet style meals and now you can transplant the restaurant experience into your own kitchen. You could consider buying top of the range utensils and equipment, cookbooks by celebrity chefs and of course gourmet ingredients. It will of course help if the lady actually enjoys cooking.


Chocolates may seem like the easy option but i'm not talking a box of Milk Tray here. The Chocolate of Month Club is a whole new way to experience chocolate. Each month the lucky lady will receive a selection of gourmet, handmade chocolates that will last her for the whole year. With the ability to buy gift memberships this really is the ultimate present that should end up in every girls stocking.


You may be raising your eyebrows at this one but to be quite frank every woman uses stationery in their day to day life be it writing a cheque or at work. It is a practical, useful gift that can be very special if you think it through correctly. The idea isn't just to pop down to your nearest Poundland and buy the smartest item you can see in there, the idea is to buy something that is special and will last. You could try engraving her name on the pen or buying pretty stationery that she'll be delighted to use every day.


Every woman needs a reliable handbag that is both smart and stylish. You may wonder why women spend so much on one handbag but that bag becomes a style icon that is appreciated and commented on for years to come. She may even sacrifice going out or buying clothes for that special bag. You don't have to go that far but buying a stylish, Designer Bag will put you in her good books and make her love you (I promise!)

Art and Ornaments

Arts and Ornaments are a lovely gift for any home loving woman. When you consider this type of gift you should first analyse what style of home decorating they already have. Your gift will need to match that or it will probably end up in the back of a cupboard somewhere, even if you did mean well. If the style is contemporary think Modern Abstract if it is traditional you could try a nice photo that reminds them of the simple things in life.

Now you've checked through the whole list you're probably wondering what one would suit the most. Just think what you think they would like and you've got the perfect present in the bag. In case you're looking for the ideal present for the man in your life just click through.

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