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Hot christmas toys for children up to 12 months

The dilemma of what to get a baby whose perfect present would be a box.

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Hot toys for babies from 0 – 12 months

What do you get for the little person in your life that will probably be more interested in the wrapping and the box it came in rather then the present itself? When you are considering buying toys for babies up to 12 months you have to realise that they're growing so quick they will probably tire of it quite quickly. Also babies under 3 months tend not to have too much interest in toys, as grabbing hold of their hands and feet is already pretty much a pinnacle in their day-to-day development.

Firstly developmental toys are absolutely brilliant a baby who is changing and growing every single day. You need something that will challenge their mind, reflex their muscles and make them want to learn through fun. To make your life easier I will post the relevant toys in sections, going through the different ages.

Birth - six months

Taggies by Taggies Inc

The one part of the toy young infants love is the tag, as annoying as it is to us buying expensive toys it's the little things that please little minds (a true saying!). They love the look, feel and sound of the tags and love playing with them. The Taggies toy is a soft blanket or cuddly toy with lots of little tags all over it. Your baby will love it!

Sassy Drive and Drool Keys

The one thing that doesn't cost a thing and baby's love are keys. But big, sharp keys aren't safe for our little ones so wouldn't it be great if there was a alternative? Sassy's big, textured, colourful keys are the perfect substitute. Made for babies 3 months and up this award winning toys works by developing your baby's brain through stimulating visual, auditory and tactile senses.

Mix'n Match Blocks by Miracles & Milestones by Fisher-Price

This toy uses the high contrast colours black and white to hold their vision and begin to develop the ways they pay attention to things. The three blocks, which nestle in a soft case, can be moved around to expose different colour patterns and change the visual stimulation for your baby. There's also the added extra of touch, feel and a little mirror your baby can see themselves in. As baby grows the toy can be taken off the crib and used as a general soft toy play item. It can also be attached easily to the side of the baby's crib.

Your baby will love playing with this colourful octopus. With lots of features such as clinking rings, a spinning starfish teether, a shiny mirror they'll be so occupied they wont have time to cry! The toy also features a lot of differently textured material such as corduroy, which will get your child used to all the different feels the world has to offer!

Sassy Monkey Rattle
This toy has two monkeys made out of a combination of plastic and soft materials, which will feel absolutely delightful to an ever-learning baby. The ring and the colourful beads provide gentle rattle sounds that will stimulate baby's hearing and get them used to hearing different sounds.

Kick & Play Piano by Link-a-doos

Babies have been learning how to kick ever since they were in the womb. The Kick & Play piano only encourages this kicking, with a toy that is designed for babies to express themselves by you've guessed it.. Kicking! It works by the infant softly touching the keys that in turn trigger lights to flash. The toy, which is suitable for birth to six months, has three modes that include floor piano, melody medley and play and learn.

6- 12 months

Amazing Animals Train by Fisherprice VOTED #6 in Amazon Baby charts

This colourful motorised Amazing Animals train is perfect for the developing mind of a curious 6-12 month year old! As they grow in age (and size) they want toys that will constantly keep them entertained. With light and sound effects the toy will instantly spark their attention. The animals feature various activities that will spark curiosity and you can place them in the engine to hear various different sounds.

Rainforest Jumperoo by Fisherprice VOTED #5 in Amazon Baby Charts

This Jumperoo seat provides a whole jungle experience in your own front room. Babies from 6 months+ will have so much fun in a jump station that is absolutely crammed with activities. Your baby will develop motor skills and stimulate their senses simply through jumping to make sounds and music, or reaching for each of the colourful rainforest animals.

Stack Around Silly Town by Fisher Price

This little town is a toy in a league of its own. With lights, music and surprises all around Stack Around Silly Town will keep your baby guessing and giggling for a long time to come. The town has action blocks for stacking fun, a vehicle that can be rolled down a ramp and different light and sound rewards for fulfilling different actions in the toy. The fun includes pop ups, peek-a-boo's, stacking play and the chance to knock everything over! When the toy isn't in use there's even a handy store compartment, which can hold all the bricks so you're not left tripping over a brick the next day.

This colourful Crawl & Cruise Jungle will immerse your baby in a sea of colour, animals and different experiences. With three large animals (monkey, elephant and hippo) your baby's vision will instantly be fixated on this large toy. The toy provides a musical, light up playtime with the chance to sing or babble along. The activities will stimulate your babies and are even suitable for toddlers so as your baby grows you will still have a toy that is useful for the future. It also provides physical learning stimulation in that as your child learns to stand they can use the jungle to help pull them up on and use it to provide a sturdy support.

This table designed for 6 months + is perfect for satisfying the relentless curiosity of your little ones. With two modes - learning and music mode - the table is perfect for fun learning. The learning mode will introduce the alphabet, numbers and counting, shapes and colours whilst music mode has a impressive array of over 40 songs that your child can get involved with by using the table. It has flashing lights, volume control and detachable legs so you can choose to put it on a table or leave it as it is on the floor. The table will also teach musical awareness, cause and effect and real instrument sounds. This toy is perfect for growing with your child.

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