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Noel Noel... what should I buy...

The month is November and Christmas is just around the corner. Is it me or does the year just seem to fly by?

Deciding what to buy a loved one for Christmas is one of the most difficult decisions you are going to have to make. You have to think of all the possiblities, 'Will they like it', 'What are they looking for?', 'How much should I spend?' and by the end of it you're postively pulling your hair out with the stress!

To make it easier for you all I am going to write a comprehensive guide on what are the most useful, comprehensive and satisfying gifts for men and women for Xmas 2009. If however you have a young baby and missed my post on Hot gifts for Infants just click the link to be redirected.

Men are notoriously difficult to buy for when all they seem to need are socks or underpants. Every man is different with different tastes so there never will be a perfect present - it is up to you to know what will make your man go wow. However there is a general concensus on what men would like to see in their Christmas stocking this year. To give Christmas 2009 the X Factor read on...


Every man needs decent clothes and as I'm sure you're aware whilst some men have impeccable dress sense, others don't... Christmas is the perfect, most subtle way of dressing a man whose dress sense is more Alan Titchmarsh then someone his own age. Women have a sense of style that will guarantee a makeover a la David Beckham, sadly without the bank balance. Not only do you get appreciation for your gift but you wont be left blushing if someone sees you together when he's wearing his favourite paintsplattered jumper.

Wallet and accessories

Many men got their first wallet when they were 16 and kept the same one ever since. The wallet is tatty, falling apart and scruffy but to him there's nothing wrong with it. If you've just met your fella and you don't want to spend too much this is the ideal gift. Not only will he have a smart new wallet but you will finally have got rid of his antique!

Sports or concert tickets

One of the most perfect gifts for any man - a gift that will transcond age and race - the humble sports or concert ticket. Nothing can beat the thrill and adrenline rush men get from watching their favourite team play live or watching their idols on the stage. As long as you know what it is they do like and don't buy a ticket on a whim I can guarantee you will have one happy chappy on Christmas day!

Electronic organiser

Many men are incredibly forgetful and when this extends to forgetting important birthdays or even your anniversary this can start to wear very thin. You could always save money and buy the traditional diary but in a modern era why not keep to trend and buy the man in your life a electronic organiser. This is perfect if your man needs to remember a lot of dates, meetings etc, and of course will guarantee you will get a birthday present this year. Your best options are palm pilots or Pocket PC's all at reasonable prices.


If you're not looking at spending too much this Christmas DVD's are also a very good gift for the typical man. Most men love their action films so you won't go far wrong with a box set of the Godfather or even fight blockbuster Rocky. It will keep your man quiet for hours and keeps him off the Xbox.

Coffee Machine
If your guy's a Starbucks Addict he may have at least 3 or 4 cups of coffee a day. Whilst this is not the healthiest of habits and may leave him wired for hours if it makes him happy why not buy him a Espresso Machine. Whilst this is of course quite a expensive option if he always complains about how crap coffee from the Kenco jar tastes then give him a taste of a cafe from his own home.

Designer Sunglasses

Every man I know has a pair of sunglasses, whether they are designer is debatable but men quite simply like to look cool. If the man you know is a fashionable kind of guy and tries to emulate James Bond in the dress takes humour him and buy a pair of Designer Sunglasses .

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