Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Emergency Emergency!

Many of us have a inner curiousity that makes us the dreaded rubber neckers whilst we are out and about in our cars. I'm no different... if i see a ambulance or a police car on the roads I crane my neck to see what's going on, even if i'm driving. Today on my way to my dance class I was driving along a long stretch of road that leads towards town. I saw flashing blue lights ahead and had to slow down to pass several police cars, a ambulance, a car parked on the verge and a ambulance man wheeling a stretcher over!

I obviously never got to see the accident or the carnage in full but I did see another car on the other side of the road as well. Must have been reasonably bad if a stretcher was called for.. on my way back I saw a towing truck and a fire engine at the scene. The front of one of the cars was all crushed in. I hope it wasn't a new one!

I almost got locked in at dance again. After the class finishes the caretaker locks up and last week I went to the toilet and got out just in time to see the lock being put on the gate! This time the same thing happened.. I think i'll skip the toilet next time!

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