Thursday, 19 November 2009

Dating marlarky

If you read The Dating Game you would know that not too long ago I went on a date with a guy. He seemed quite cute and I thought I'd see him again, although I admit he did talk far too much about himself. It's good to do a bit of give and take isn't it and I really don't recall him asking me many questions! Plus he was pretty skint as he didn't have a proper job so he would always have moaned about money, and god don't men do that enough with a full time job!

Anyway after that first date he text a bit at first but then that tailed off and he really didn't seem interested. I know when a guys interested and it's not acting like that. So I ask are you still interested and he's like oh yeh of course, I'm just a bit skint at the moment. Mmmmm heard that one before!

Number one excuse from a man - I haven't got any money - lol

Anywho we had arranged to meet one week after the first date and he came up with the most creative excuse 'I have to pay for my elderley cats vet treatment cos my mums skint'. Of course. Lol. We didn't really talk much after that, his phone was broken for a while and didn't really talk online. Then I suggested meeting up again and he said yes, so I arranged it for this Thursday. And then he txts me yesterday to say he had been seeing a old friend for about a week now. Why didn't that surprise me! Men are all the same, a bunch of tits. lol.

I'm not too bothered really, who would want someone whose only interest is themselves..ehhh? I had quite a few messages off Plenty of Fish yesterday too.. one was cute but his profile was a bit conflicting.. says he lived in London and his location said Kent and said his jobs the army.. hope hes left ! lol

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