Sunday, 1 November 2009

The Dating Game

The Dating Game

Dating is such a hard thing to get right and as a single girl I know only too well how hard it is to find guys these days. With the ratio of more girls then there are boys it doesn't bode too well.

When I go out I don't get chatted up and so I have resorted to Internet dating. To be fair I get virtually all my dates from there.. it's quick, easy and almost like picking from a catalogue. Also there's less awkwardness if someone messages you and you don't like them - no need to try n get rid of them like you would in a club!

I have had a fair few dates in my time and I did start dating quite late (grand old age of 18).There have been quite a few memorable ones in my time. They shall remain nameless but take this date from a couple of years ago. We seemed to get on okay online but when we met we just didn't seem to have anything to say to each other! It was one of those moments where you look around the pub/bar and you're rapidly eyeing everything up just so you can think of something to say.. one word. Torturous! Needless to say we didn't have another date.. although a couple of years down the line he asks if I want to meet up again. I say but we had nothing to say so he goes 'Yeh okay lets go to the cinema then'. Brilliant!

Another I met not too long after splitting with my longest long term relationship (8 months) met him online too :S lol. This one seemed promising, we went to a pub near me and then decided to shoot off to Maidstone as there's more life in that part of the woods. We chatted, we got on there seemed to be a lot of electricity in the air. i thought I was in there! But the guy never went in for a kiss.. or anything. We met the second time the next week, and this time it was different. It was like I was providing all the convo and rapidly running out! he paid and everything but there was nothing really here this time.. and the worst thing was we went for dinner and he made these hideous food noises when he ate! That I have to say is a true deal breaker for me!

The funny thing was I didn't even break it off - a couple of days later he text me saying he fancied me but it wasn't going to work.. I didn't reply.

One guy I met turned into a psycho pretty much after the second time i met him. I have to tell you all I have a thing with noses - if they aren't right I tend to go off people. This guys nose was a bit bent and he had eye wrinkles too.. at the grand old age of 21 I wasn't after someone who looked like me grandad. He also had a child, I was trying to overlook this but it wasn't happening. Seeing the child seat in the back of the car was a reminder of this little fact! Anyway it didn't matter I found it very hard to find things to talk about after my sudden epiphany and he seemed to have the same affliction. I mentioned I gambled occasionally online and that made me a 'addict', certainly not the best of conversation topics!

After this date we decided to remain friends.. that was until I received a text from this unknown number saying this guy had said I was 'up for fun and would enjoy a threesome'. I couldn't believe it and txt this guy asking why he had the right to give my number out like that. He turned it round saying I was making it up and I should apologise to him! I went to delete him from facebook straight away but the tit had got there first. MEN!

Another was a very good looking guy I had spoken to online for over a month. He seemed perfect but he had just split up from his ex.. We met and I soon realised his heart weren't in it, he made it so hard to make conversation and we just didn't click in the same way as online. Just goes to show looks aren't everything! He did inform me later that his ex had rung him just as he pulled up outside mine begging him to take her back. O dear o dear o dear!

So as you can see I have had my fair share of men, some I have actually gone out with or seen have been as tight as a camels arse. One example being a guy who actually asked me to pay him back for a portion of chips. I was pretty speechless. As I'm sure you would be! He got the boot for being too selfish lol.

On the upside I went on a date this Friday. We went for a quick drink where we sat in the freezing cold, overlooking the lovely view of the River Medway. We finished it off with a trip to see Saw 6! He was cute, seemed nice but talked a awful lot. Maybe he was nervous... more updates to come soon, please keep checking in!!


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Wonderful blog you got here. Full of rich posts. keep up the good work. Double thumbs up.

kathcake said...

hi thanks, i can finally reply to comments not sure what was wrong there but weren't working. Always appreciate the compliments :)

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