Monday, 9 November 2009

Cottage pie for one

Who here likes cottage pie? I for one love it but my family can't stand beef mince so I always find when I make stuff that uses it like Spaghetti or Cottage pie I'm eating alone...

After a 11 month break due to work commitments and laziness I have prepared (and will be cooking later) my first Cottage pie since January. . It is a much awaited moment when I tuck into this baby!


It's quite frustrating to see the waste that you get when preparing it at home despite getting the teeniest mince you can buy and only using a few potatoes. How do the shops do it? I have to say it though nothing beats the taste of home made cottage pie, the shop versions come nowhere near the perfection you get through a bit of love and care.

It may take a long time to prepare (1hour and 15 minutes) but it is worth it. This time though I have learnt my lesson and used only two potatoes.. that along with 250g of beef mince should I hope create a meal for one..

What about you folks? Do you find cooking for one can be such a waste sometimes? Comments welcome!

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