Saturday, 21 November 2009

Competition winning really does rely on lady luck

Tips to winning competitions

When you go to enter a competition it is obviously because you want to win the prize. However it can be very frustrating when you enter several competitions to find you're never really getting anywhere. The first tip I have is the most important one:
  • Peservere - Rome wasn't created in one day or a couple of weeks and winning is really a odds game - don't give up!
I personally enter many competitions, they say a serious compter enters around 30 a week but I am pretty certain that is nowhere near enough to really win much. Unless you're incredibly lucky that is. If you're meant t win something you will regardless of how many you enter but as I'm sure you're aware the more you put your name down for the better your chances. So if you have the time instead of aiming for 30 competitions a week go for as many as you can possibly fit in. But make sure you still have a life at the end of the day!

There are many different competitions with varying outcomes, for example small prizes like CDs, DVDs etc and larger prizes like holidays, large cash prizes, cars etc. Clearly the better the prize the more entries the competition will receive so don't be disappointed if you don't win that new Audi TT Roadster as there were probably around 9-10,000 entries alone. Look for the smaller promotions, more unique companies etc that are offering prizes as the likelihood is less people would have heard about them and you will have more chance of winning.

If you're willing to put a little towards the entry cost of your competition there is a very high chance that there won't be as many entrants due to this. Decide whether the prize is worth the entry fee, in comparison to free competitions, or whether it's just that you want a easy way to win something. Even with a entry fee you are not guaranteed a win!

Sign up to reputable website and magazines newsletters, that way you will be informed of the competitions before everyone else. This doesn't mean that the promotion will close any sooner but you will get notified of more comps without having to lift a finger.

There are some competitions that I come across that allow you to enter daily. This of course ups your odds dramatically and if you persist you may see yourself with that win very soon. Alternatively you can get your friends, family etc to get involved in the comp for you. Another way to get more entries is to recommend the comp to friends or family but this is usually specified in the comp itself.

If you enter lots of competitions you can always keep a record of what you've entered, but if like me it's hundreds you may be better off waiting for them to contact you - if you win - because they will. Winners will get notified either by telephone, email or post for smaller items such as DVDs.

So to summarise winning competitions is a odds game there is no doubts about that. However your chances of winning a typical competition is so much more in your favour then say winning the National Lottery that has the odds of 1 in 14 million chance. The more you enter the more likely you will win something, that is the best tip I can give you. Whether it is a DVD or a holiday to the Bahamas only lady luck can decide!!

To get started try The Prizefinder

p.s if you don't believe people actually win check out my win list.

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