Tuesday, 24 November 2009

At last... a car!

After a year's torturous wait since I passed my test in November 2008 I have finally got a car!

I got my job this month and as I finally had the money to run the bloody thing I was desperate to get onto the band wagon of the car searching. Only my dad needed a contract before he even believed I had a job. S O F R U S T R A T I N G!

In the end it took Kent County Council Personnel department two weeks.. yes two weeks to send me a email with confirmation of the job details. Why did it take so long? god knows but in my personal experience all personnel department are as about as efficient as a chocolate teapot.

What do they do to get that kind of backlog? It's beyond me but I got it in the end and once my dad believed me we could look for cars!

The first garage we went to was shut on a Sunday. Very annoying. It was only small but still! Then we went to one in Maidstone, this one was open but only one guy was there so we couldn't do any test drives. The only car in my price range was a Peugeot 206 1998 edition. It had done a lot of miles (117,000 :O) but it had been well looked after and looked really nice. If you ask me it doesn't look ten / eleven years old. My dad wanted to put a deposit on it but the guy didn't know how to work a card machine. What did he know other then how to read a book?

We came back on Monday, took it for a test drive and decided to buy it. This little Peugeot 206 will be my first car :) I really hope it doesn't keep breaking down on me or anything, can't afford that! The garage did say they'd pay up to £500 expenses though, although I would prefer it not to come to that lol. I'm sure I'll post pictures soon !

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