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And our survey said...

Making money through giving your opinion

Do you want to earn a bit of money for doing little more then giving away your opinions? Surveys are perfect if you want to earn points which you can put towards vouchers for popular shops such as Debenhams, Miss Selfridge, Top Shop, Top Man, Dorothy Perkins etc. On some opinion sites you can also opt to donate your money to charity or after a certain amount request cash that goes straight into your paypal account. (paypal is completely free). I must stress all of these sites are completely free to join and you are only going to gain from getting involved!

To start just click on the below links and start earning vouchers! Remember points mean prizes!

Palm Research
Palm Research is a American survey site that lets UK users join. You will earn real money that will be in $ currency. You will be able to cash out with a minimum of $10 every 45 days. I've only just signed up and I've earned two dollars so I'm pretty sure you will soon be quids in!
Surveys on all sorts of topics such as home life,cinema, tv, university, cars etc.

Lightspeed is a very good and reliable survey panel that operates in several countries. It offers surveys on a lot of topics, including the option to take mini polls and small short surveys that will increase your chance of getting paid surveys. Even if you don't qualify for the actual questionnaire you will still be entered into the prize draw to win several thousand pounds. 100 points is equivalent to £1 so with around 80 points accredited to each completed survey you'll soon be racking it up. Points can be exchanged for a wide number of goods and shop vouchers.

Ipsos is the survey panel for all the family. You simply create on account and you will be emailed periodically with invites to various members of your family according to the topic content. This allows each member of the family to get involved and the end result of vouchers can be shared out between you. You can exchange your points for vouchers for as little as £5 or work your way up to a big amount. Shops that will accept the vouchers are all mainstream high street stores.

Toluna has many interactive aspects but it is one of the more difficult survey panels to get points. Whilst surveys offer many thousands of points for your participation the payout stands at 60,000 for a £12 equivalent so you'll be plugging away at it for quite a while. It does offer a one off amount for completing all your profiles, and getting involved in answering polls, creating your own etc. You do however get a lot of survey invites which mean you'll soon get all the points you need if you keep busy!

Valued Opinions
Valued Opinions is a UK site that offers quite a few surveys on various topics from cars to entertainment. Survey lengths range from around 10 mins to around 40 mins and the payout is obviously comparative to the amount of time you put in. Your credit amounts can be exchanged for vouchers from all High street stores but they are very very slow at putting your total together.

One Poll
One Poll has lower payout as the surveys are far shorter and available more often. If you go on regularly however you will soon be able to build up a high amount. Payout is a cheque at around £50. Surveys are quite fun and are soon completed so it's definitely worth doing. You can also enter survey competitions. I won £100 once so it just goes to show!

You Gov

You Gov is a interesting UK based survey sites that offer quite a wide variety of surveys for you to take part in. A lot of the surveys can be based on what you think of politics etc but they are very easy mutiple choice questions so you don't need any insider knowledge, you also get brand surveys where you just click a number of brands you like/dislike. Surveys are quick and easy and I can't say I have ever been disqualified for a survey except obviously when the survey closes. Payout is at £50 in the form of  a cheque.

Ciao Surveys
Ciao is another UK based survey site where you can complete surveys on a wide variety of topics from work to tv programs. I just completed a survey that had a pay out of £6 so they are definitely worth pursuing. However make sure you get in as soon as you get the email cos if you hang around you won't qualify. The survey panel is very competitive and has a lot of members so bear this in mind when completing the survey's. If you can't be bothered to enter surveys but want to give reviews just pop back to the home page and click on the banner. Simple!

My Lot
Do you participate in a lot of forums? Wish you could get paid for discussing what is relevant to you? If so get clicking because MyLot pays YOU for a one second opinion. For example there are many discussions on the site in which you can get involved, all based on your interests, from life to love to things that matter to you. Payout is low but if you keep participating it will soon build up, the community is friendly and you will soon make friends. You can also get involved in tasks which are as simple as signing up to a site and receiving $0.10 for it. Currency is in dollars but the payout is in paypal so conversion is all done for you when transferring over.

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